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Used Cars Tampa-Press Release (Novemer 30, 2014)

Used Cars Tampa-A Better Way to Buy and Sell Cars in Tampa Florida

A new and improved method of buying and selling cars has been introduced to the Greater Tampa area. Used Cars Tampa dot com assures that the cumbersome process involved in listing your car for sale has now been streamlined with an easy to follow, user friendly process at

As the internet continues to dominate print advertising in establishing successful relationships between used car buyers and used car sellers, Used Cars Tampa is taking advantage of the multitude of consumers who continue to establish buying patterns that start by searching the net. This reality is evidenced by the fact that Used Cars Tampa gets over 3,600 searches every month.

For the Auto Dealerships in the Greater Tampa area this could not have come at a better time. Many have depended upon the free listing service offered in Craig’s List Tampa used cars for sale section as their main method of advertisement. Craig’s List has now added a $5 per car fee for dealers to display their inventory for a 30 day period. offers several promotional packages for dealers and an easy to use bulk import tool that allows for easy implementation for vast inventory levels.

Upon inception Used Cars Tampa is hopeful that it can create a local presence that will provide a personalized rapport to with local Tampa area dealers. “We will launch by offering 30 days of free listings to all local dealerships.” Says site owner Brian Stroka. “This will allow those business owners to experience first-hand the type of exposure we will bring to the vehicles they have for sale.” Stroka also has experience marketing in the auto industry as he was the marketing manager for a local Tampa dealership for 3 years. “I definitely felt there was a need for a cost efficient solution that works for those wishing to sell their vehicles. We will offer several different pricing packages so that the needs of every size dealership are met.”

Potential buyers are not forgotten at Used Cars Tampa. As a convenience one of the main attributes included in the functionality is an easy to use search bar that will assist in finding what is available in the database. Furthermore; an alert system has been implemented so that after an initial visit ongoing repeated returns are not necessary as notifications are sent once the perfect dream car has been put up for sale.

For More Information regarding Used Cars Tampa Contact Brian Stroka at…

(813) 333-1550 or email

Tips for buying certified used cars

The used car market has often gotten an unjustified bad rap. When one thinks of used cars and the people that sell them, many times they get the idea that the seller some low life con artist. While it may be true that there are some unscrupulous used car dealers out there, the majority of used car dealers in Tampa do follow ethical practices. Nevertheless, laws and regulations have been put in place that disallow many of those unethical practices.

There are also programs and that have been developed by dealers and trade groups to help improve the image and quality of the industry. Mainly being the concept of certified used cars. Certified used cars are vehicles for sale by a car dealership that contain a warranty that is extended beyond the original warranty.

When the extended warranty is issued by the original maker of the vehicle it is deemed a factory certified used car. It is common practice for a factory certified used car to go through a rigorous inspection to ensure a certain level of quality. Auto makers participate in these programs because it shows potential buyers that they deal in vehicles that are well maintained and functionally sound. Obviously, this can give a consumer a sense of comfort when deciding to purchase a pre-owned vehicle. There are also certification programs that are offered by third party warranty companies. It is important for consumers to understand that there is a range of different programs that provide used car certification and they offer different levels of quality and assurance. With that being the case, consumers should follow these few steps beyond just looking for a certified pre-owned vehicle.

Many certification programs come with a vehicle warranty and some of them even offer maintenance plans along with the expanded inspection. You want to look into the warranty company you are affiliating yourself with to make sure it is a reputable one. There are many review websites that you can review to see what others are saying about their experience with that company. Find what their role in the industry is, the type of standards that they set for certified cars and how they monitor and enforce the standards that they set. You will also want to carefully read the fine print of the terms and conditions of your warranty. Look for length of the coverage, and make sure you receive a vehicle history report and a report on the details of the inspection.

Also, just as pricing for your used car is negotiable so are the terms of your certification. Service loaner cars, roadside assistance, maintenance discounts, rate breaks on financing, extended time on a warranty, parts/services included are on the table for you to request as part of your certification package.

The introduction of certification programs has really help to revitalize and improve the market for used cars in Tampa. These programs eliminate many of the problems that have plagued the used car industry in the past, while offering consumers reliable vehicles at a good price. With certified pre-owned vehicles, consumers benefit from an option with less risk and a greater value. provides a great tool that compares some of the main features of each of the manufacturer’s certified used car programs.

Shopping for Used Cars online

The modern auto market offers consumers in the Tampa region with a great range of options when it comes to shopping for used cars. While so many people still employ traditional methods such as wandering from dealership to dealership when shopping for a car, it is becoming increasingly more popular for consumers to complete much of the necessary research shopping for used cars online. The reason for this shift to online shopping has to do with the many advantages that can be found with searching for a used car online.

One of the first advantages to shopping for a used car online is that the consumer can access a larger selection of vehicles in less time and with less effort. When you go to a dealership, you really only have access to the vehicles that are present on the lot. To match the variety that online used car shopping offers, the consumer will need to visit multiple car dealerships. When you shop online for used cars in Tampa, you can check out a multitude of dealerships and ads from private sellers and you can do this all in the time that it would take to visit one or two dealers.

With access to a greater selection, the consumer will also have an easier time with comparison-shopping. The consumer can compare the cost and quality of different cars that are available across a range of different sellers and they can do it all form the comfort of their own home. This comparison process helps the consumer to check and compare prices to see which dealers are offering the car for a fair price which can save the buyer a significant amount of money on their used car purchase.

Shopping on the internet also offers several options to make the shopping process easier. You will have the ability to view listings based on your individual needs and preferences. Price range, make/model, year, color, location are just a few of the way you will be able to decipher the results that show for your online used car search. Using online resources, the consumer can have a list of cars that will fit their exact needs in a matter of minutes.

Another advantage to the online buying experience is that you will become a much more knowledgeable buyer and more equipped to handle the pressure and coercion that comes with negotiating for a used car. Finding a used car on the internet means doing things at your own pace and getting a good idea of what you want before you even talk to the seller. This reduces the influence of the seller on your buying decision and it helps to ensure that you will not be talked into a deal that is not in your best interest.

One point that every consumer should consider is that there are literally thousands of online sellers trying to sell used cars in Tampa. While the majority of them will deal honestly with the buyer, there are some that may employ less than ethical sales practices. That is why it is important to take the time to research the car and to look into the history of the dealerships through the many review portals available.

Tips for buying a used car on eBay motors

Consumers that are looking to buy a used car in Tampa will find that they have an array of different options. There are the traditional options such as traveling from dealership to dealership and sifting through the classifieds, but you can save yourself time and effort by shopping on the internet and using websites such as eBay Motors. While buying a used car on eBay Motors can be convenient, the consumer will need to follow these tips to ensure that they have a successful shopping experience.

1. Always contact the seller and ask all questions until you feel comfortable doing business with them. Make you have a full understanding of how they want the transaction completed. Never use Western Union, MoneyGram, or any other instant cash transfer method to pay for a vehicle. If you decide to pay in cash, do so in person. Review their ratings from previous transactions.

2. Check to see if the vehicle you’re interested in buying is covered by Vehicle Purchase Protection. You will see the for the Vehicle Purchase Protection message in the “Buy safely” section of the vehicle listing. The eBay Motors Vehicle Purchase Protection is a system that guards buyers against instances of fraud and/or material misrepresentation. Used Car purchases are protected up to $50,000 or the final sales price (Whichever is lower).

3. Do your due diligence on the history of the vehicle you are looking at. Learning about the history of a used car will better help the consumer to determine the true value of the vehicle. For very little out of pocket expense, a consumer can purchase a CarFax report on the vehicle and get information about the car’s history. This will include things like the number of previous owners, if the car has been in any significant accidents and whether the title is clear.

4. Always complete your vehicle purchase on eBay Motors (by placing a bid, buying through Buy It Now, or making a Best Offer). If you complete the transaction off of eBay Motors, you won’t be eligible for any protection programs and the likelihood that you will be a victim of a fraudulent transaction involving your used car purchase will increase dramatically.

The internet can offer a ton of benefits for consumers that are shopping for just about anything. However, buying a used car online is not like buying books or DVDs. The internet does offer convenience and access to good deals, but the consumer still needs to take extra precaution to get the job done right.