Monthly Archives: February 2016

Wouldn’t it be nice before you go shopping for a new car you had information about what you should expect to pay for that car, all before you landed on the showroom floor! is the site that gives you that information and so much more. The site is geared towards a new car purchase vs. used car. You can view a dealers used car inventory but you don’t have the price matrix like you do with the new cars. It does however have 3 selections for used car pricing but that is based on the sales price on the site. The pricing feature gives you Zip Code specific pricing; this will give you a good idea what your neighbors paid for their used car.

Information regarding new car pricing is much more extensive. You have the ability to price according to a variety of factors including color and included options. Narrow down what area dealer has exactly what you are looking for.

The information provided on is very robust. As a career automotive professional you can see the data in clear terms. From the most analytical shopper you won’t find more detailed information anywhere. It’s an excellent resource for anything and everything regarding your car purchase. You can access crash test ratings, technical data about the car for the tech geek in all of us. With ease of use and easy to follow steps to research your next dream car, information offered by True car will help ease your mind in your car search.

Regarding the used car information available on It is adequate, but pales in comparison. It is not the sites driving force. It offers a user friendly system to search for pricing on used cars targeting dealer pricing not market pricing. It supplies good quality technical data concerning certified pre-owned used cars in regards to terms of certified coverages, terms and conditions and available dealer inventories.

Overall, in our estimation is best used when shopping for a new car, make a stop by True Car for pricing and model information second to none.