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3 Reasons to Choose Genuine Car Parts Over Aftermarket Ones

Genuine Car Parts

When your car requires repairing, you’ll be faced with two choices. The first is to take your car to an official dealership repair department, or the second would be to opt for an independent repair shop.

The difference between these two options is that the official dealership department will tend to use genuine Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts, however, an independent garage would probably use aftermarket parts.

Choosing to go for aftermarket car parts can sometimes be the more favorable option; aftermarket parts are usually cheaper than original manufacturer parts.

However, when it comes to finding the right solution and sourcing potentially essential parts for your car, the cost involved isn’t always going to be your primary concern.

So let’s take a look at three of the reasons as why you might choose genuine OEM parts over aftermarket ones.


Probably one of the biggest advantages to choosing genuine parts is the assurance that you’re getting a quality product

Genuine Honda parts are manufactured to strict quality standards, and as these parts have been produced with your vehicle in mind, it makes sense that you would choose to opt for genuine car parts

Cox Motor Parts, a specialist Honda dealership which offers a wide range of genuine Honda parts said that you can always guarantee that genuine parts will help to maintain your vehicle’s performance.

With each genuine Honda part being precisely designed and thoroughly tested, this helps to ensure that the parts interact with the vehicle correctly and efficiently.


It’s important when it comes to vehicle repairs that you use a brand which you trust and know to help ensure that the products used to repair your car are consistent with your vehicle.

Furthermore, when opting for genuine OEM parts, you will usually have the guarantee of being given a warranty for the parts should anything happen further down the line and you end up needing the parts replacing again.

Aftermarket parts, on the other hand, don’t always come with a warranty which can be a reason making them that little bit cheaper to purchase. So by choosing to repair your vehicle using genuine parts, you’ll have the assurance of being covered should the part need replacing again.

Ease of purchase

When making repairs to your car, you’ll probably want to get it sorted as quickly and efficiently as you can so that you can safely be back out on the road again.

The problem with choosing aftermarket products is that with the sheer variety of parts available for all different types vehicles from a number of independent retailers, locating the right product for your car isn’t always easy.

Yet by making the decision to go for genuine car replacement parts, you’ll probably be saving a lot of time and hassle.

When choosing genuine parts, you don’t have to spend time comparing all sorts of different brands and prices, but you will still have the assurance that the genuine part will be correct for your vehicle, which might not be as simple to safeguard with aftermarket products.

In summary, there is certainly some valid truth in the view outlined in Attac Project’s article that, ‘It’s worth paying a little bit more and having that assurance that you’re replacing like with like and that your vehicle will continue to perform as it’s meant to!’ Therefore, whilst aftermarket products could have the advantage of being slightly cheaper, the guarantee that you’re using the correct parts crafted with quality and reliability in mind is the fundamental reason that choosing genuine car parts is the better decision.