Tips for buying a used car on eBay motors

Consumers that are looking to buy a used car in Tampa will find that they have an array of different options. There are the traditional options such as traveling from dealership to dealership and sifting through the classifieds, but you can save yourself time and effort by shopping on the internet and using websites such as eBay Motors. While buying a used car on eBay Motors can be convenient, the consumer will need to follow these tips to ensure that they have a successful shopping experience.

1. Always contact the seller and ask all questions until you feel comfortable doing business with them. Make you have a full understanding of how they want the transaction completed. Never use Western Union, MoneyGram, or any other instant cash transfer method to pay for a vehicle. If you decide to pay in cash, do so in person. Review their ratings from previous transactions.

2. Check to see if the vehicle you’re interested in buying is covered by Vehicle Purchase Protection. You will see the for the Vehicle Purchase Protection message in the “Buy safely” section of the vehicle listing. The eBay Motors Vehicle Purchase Protection is a system that guards buyers against instances of fraud and/or material misrepresentation. Used Car purchases are protected up to $50,000 or the final sales price (Whichever is lower).

3. Do your due diligence on the history of the vehicle you are looking at. Learning about the history of a used car will better help the consumer to determine the true value of the vehicle. For very little out of pocket expense, a consumer can purchase a CarFax report on the vehicle and get information about the car’s history. This will include things like the number of previous owners, if the car has been in any significant accidents and whether the title is clear.

4. Always complete your vehicle purchase on eBay Motors (by placing a bid, buying through Buy It Now, or making a Best Offer). If you complete the transaction off of eBay Motors, you won’t be eligible for any protection programs and the likelihood that you will be a victim of a fraudulent transaction involving your used car purchase will increase dramatically.

The internet can offer a ton of benefits for consumers that are shopping for just about anything. However, buying a used car online is not like buying books or DVDs. The internet does offer convenience and access to good deals, but the consumer still needs to take extra precaution to get the job done right.

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