Regular Maintenance Intervals for a Used Car

The importance of keeping up with regular maintenance intervals for a used car can’t be overstated. Let’s go over a few items that if you take the time to keep up regularly, will extend the life of your used car for years.

First and foremost is the need to change the oil in your vehicle at factory recommended drain intervals. Oil for a vehicle is the life blood of an engine, literally. Fresh oil allows the internal moving parts of a car’s engine to run smoothly and without friction. It’s like your body if your blood is free of cholesterol it moves smoothly around your body and the likelihood of a heart attack is nil. If however your engines oil is dirty and old, that causes friction and increases the work load on the engine. Thus making the engine work beyond its limits and breaking down. The life expectancy of an engine is diminished when it’s under heavy stress. An oil change in most cases is less than one hundred dollars. A new engine can run several thousand dollars.

When I see people in shops they tend to pass on changing out filters. Here is why you need a clean filter. Air filters protect your engine intake (air) from particulates in the air. These tiny particles can act like sand paper in your vehicles engine. This would not be a good thing. Keeping out bad air and letting good air into your engines intake will allow for more horsepower, better fuel MPG and allow your engine to run as it was designed to run. Filters are the lungs of any vehicle. Good clean air in will allow your engine to run a peak performance.

Checking tire pressure to maintain proper inflation levels is another simple task that can negate many problems. When the tires are properly inflated they do not cause drag. Low pressure means it drags behind and the car’s engine has to work harder. If the vehicle rolls smoothly the engines works less, better fuel MPG and longer tire life. Also this is of major safety importance. Tires run hot when they are underinflated, this can cause blowouts.

It’s far less to pay for normal maintenance than it is to pay for unexpected mechanical failures. When your vehicle has fresh oil, clean filters, proper tire inflation, it will give your used car years of reliable service.

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