Selling a used car on your own

Selling a used car on your own, a few things you will want to know before you begin. We will cover what to price the car at, advertising, and what you can do to get top dollar.

First let’s talk about the vehicles current condition. Here are some bullet points you need to focus on if you want to get top dollar:

  • Fix any small items you can, if you have cosmetic issues, or the car is in need of some repair. You want the buyer to have peace-of-mind they’re buying a great car.
  • Buyers will pay more for cars with good tires. If you have bald tires or worn tires, consider replacing tires.
  • Detail and wax the car. Have carpets shampooed, clean every inch of the car. Include the engine compartment. Don’t use perfume sprays after you clean the car. People are turned off by coconut smells, or other perfume sprays. Less is more!
  • Change the oil so the car has fresh oil. Buyers will pay more if they know you have taken good care of the car. One of the first things a buyer will ask is the oil good?
  • Check engine lights. If the vehicles check engine light is on, you need to get that fixed. This is a kiss of death; buyers will not buy cars with check engine lights on, would you? You can tell someone it’s a simple thing a maintenance due but the problem is the buyer most likely won’t believe it. If you want top dollar get whatever issue is causing the light to come on fixed.

Buyers are attracted to cars that are clean and in good condition. Take some time and get your vehicle as right as you possibly can. This will pay big dividends when it’s time to negotiate. Build value and buyers will pay more.

Before we talk about advertising your used car, let’s touch on safety. Not that your car is safe but that you’re safe when you show the car. Be very mindful of whom you’re meeting. Meet-up at a grocery parking lot or the like, don’t allow people to come to or enter your home. Sadly you don’t know who is going to show up. Don’t let anyone drive your car alone. Make sure they have insurance and a valid driver’s license. NEVER meet-up with a buyer by yourself! ALWAYS have another adult with you! Don’t give up your car on the promise they will pay tomorrow. Verify funds before you take a check, even a cashier’s check. If you take cash make sure to check the bills with a counterfeit pen. You can’t be too sure in this day and age. Take all precautions!!!

When considering selling a used car for sale keep in mind that according to Dealer Solutions more than 90% of car buyers start their search on the internet. Our site gets you a significant amount of exposure to potential buyer’s right here in Tampa. You will want to take good pictures of the car. Take photos of all body panels. Open the trunk and engine compartments. Interior shots with pictures of the front and back seats, take close ups of any damage. People will respect the fact that you were honest. If you have both sets of keys and the owner’s manual, include photos of both. Take pictures of tire tread and wheels. What your goal is, tell a story about the vehicle. Leave nothing for a person to have to guess at. You want the buyer to be able short of seeing the car in person, to make a buying decision right on the internet.

Write up a good description; include any accessories such as Navigation, Rear Entertainment, etc. Disclose the fact if you have service records you can include or that you are the original owner. Do you have an extended warranty you can transfer to a new owner? Have you recently replaced any items, tires, A/C, or other services?

What to price the vehicle for sale for? Leave yourself some room to negotiate, but don’t ask a ridiculous price either. Check for like vehicles and see what the market is doing. You can also check out NADA®, Kelly Blue Book®, or True Car® for retail prices.

We hope you found this an informative resource, and good luck selling your used car.

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