Top Ten Questions to ask your used car salesman

Make sure when shopping for a used car that you ask your car salesman questions. Salesman shouldn’t be afraid to give you good information and clearly answer all questions.

Your success purchasing a vehicle will all depend on your thoroughness and due diligence. Write down the questions so you don’t forget, or add to the following questions as needed.

Here is a list of what we feel are the Top Ten Questions to ask your used car salesman. This gives you a good starting point of things to ask your salesperson when you have found a car online at

  1. What incentives are available with this car, what’s the best price?
  2. Does this car have any prior damage (can I see the CARFAX° report).
  3. Has your dealership done any repairs to this vehicle, may I see what those were?
  4. What warranty is currently on the car and what service programs do you offer?
  5. Where did you get this car from, trade-in, or auction?
  6. How long of test drive can I take (what about an overnight drive)?
  7. Can I take this vehicle to my own mechanic?
  8. What are the finance terms & rates available for this car?
  9. Is this car a certified preowned model, what does that come with?
  10. What are your service hours, do you provide loaners and for what types of services?

At we strive to provide you with quality information that will help you make an informed buying decision.

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