Transferring license plates in Florida

From state-to-state license plates are fairly general in obtaining, or transferring plates. Transferring license plates in Florida is no exception. This article will assist you with a few do’s and don’ts with license plates in the State of Florida.

Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles has many offices throughout Florida to assist vehicle owners with transfer plates. Simply Google™ the Florida department of motor vehicles to find the location closest to your home.

A few things to remember to take with you:

  • Copy of current registration.
  • Copy of Liability Insurance coverage.
  • Your driver’s license.
  • If you and your spouse are on the registration you both should go. If any issues arise your both there to resolve any questions or issues.
  • Original or Non Negotiable Title to the vehicle.

License Plate fees will range based on your vehicles type and weight.

If you’re a current resident the license plates go with you, car-to-car. Be sure to take all appropriate sales documents with you for your old and new vehicle.

This is of course if you’re changing plates yourself. If you purchased a vehicle from a private party seller, or moved to Florida from another state.

When purchasing from an authorized Florida automotive dealer, these documents and appropriate fees to pay will be included in your sales documents. They also will handle this transaction on your behalf.

Purchasing from new or preowned vehicle dealers will provide you with a temporary tag, until such time your tax and title work can be completed by the selling dealer. Florida dealers have thirty days to complete this for consumers.

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