How to Transport a Used Car

If you need to know how to transport a used car you just purchased from across the way don’t just simply call a transport company before you do a few things that this article will teach you.

Using a transport truck or carrier you will want to make sure they are properly insured. Some over-the-road companies carry minimal insurance. See what their trailer content coverage covers. How much money the insurance company will give you in case of disaster. If you have a $50K car you will want to make sure that you can get that. Remember they will have 8 more cars on the truck, so sufficient coverage is needed.

Ask your insurance company if they cover your car while in transport?

You will also want to find out about in-transit damage. How to file a claim and what is covered. If you receive your car and the windshield is cracked who pays? What is the claims process? Also find out what the coverage for vandalism and theft is?

When using a carrier do a detailed condition reports with the driver. Take detailed pictures of your car, all sides, windows and windshield. If your camera has a way to time and date stamp the photo use it. Otherwise get the pictures in front of the transport truck. Have the driver stand in the photo.

Reputable carriers will happily supply you their insurance policy information regarding coverage of your vehicle.

Using a dolly to transport your used car behind a moving truck, check with the manufacturer of your vehicle regarding towing. Most cars will dolly tow, however rear wheel drive cars cannot. Make sure from your selling dealer that the car you own is towable from the front.

When towing with a dolly, keep in mind your speed and road conditions. Towing on a dolly requires a slower speed and extra attention to road hazards. Most dolly’s are speed rated do not risk yourself or others on the road, drive at the prescribed dolly speed ratings.

Flat car trailers are easier to use than a tow dolly. You simply drive your car up on the trailer, secure it to the trailer and off you go. Keep in mind trailers and dolly’s are not safe to drive at high speed. Trailers will also have a recommended speed to operate.

Using a car service where a driver actually drives your car. Use extreme care here. Make sure the driver is insured and bonded! You don’t want to some driver to have a couple of cocktails and kill someone on the road. Make sure the company you use is reputable, has references and you verify insurance and bond. Not a first choice!

Make sure you get all insurance information from carries, and also make sure that your own insurance will cover you if using a trailer or tow dolly. works to help consumers stay informed. Please send us recommendations for articles and always feel free to ask questions. Our industry professionals stand ready to help you!

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