How to Search for a Used Car: Used Cars Tampa FL

How to Search for a Used Car

Used Cars Tampa has developed a simple search method that is extremely easy to use, and will help you find the exact used car you are looking for. Located at the top left of the Home Page you will see the Used Cars Tampa search bar. This is how you will be able search through the database and view all used cars listed for sale. There are 2 search levels offered. The first is a Basic Search that contains 5 drop down menus.

  1. Choose “Any” (meaning all) or narrow your search to a particular Car Make
  2. Once again you have the option to choose “Any” model or you can select just one
  3. In the “Year From” drop down menu you will want to choose the oldest used car that would be acceptable to your search. Everything from that year to the current year will show in your results.
  4. “Maximum Price” is the highest you want to show in your used car results.
  5. The final drop down merely organizes your findings. Here you have the option view your listings by either the date they were posted or their listing price.

Once you have made selections for these 5 options you will have the choice to either click “Search”, or narrow your search a little further by clicking the +More button. You will then our Advanced Level Search fields. These included…

  1. Location (by county)
  2. Keyword (open field)
  3. Transmission Type
  4. Exterior Color
  5. Mileage
  6. Body Style
  7. A grouping of check boxes that contain a few dozen features that sellers have included into the details of their listed used cars (check all those that are deal breakers).
  8. An option to show only those listings with images
  9. A location setting that allows listings to be shown that are within a radius of a certain zip code.

Once completed click the “Search” button and all listed used cars that meet your criteria will now populate. If you don’t see exactly what you are looking for keep in mind you can set an alert at . As soon as you dream car is entered into the database you will be notified immediately.

If at any time you have a question regarding our service feel free to email or call (813) 333-1550



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