How to Sell Your Vehicle: Tampa Used Cars

How to Sell Your Vehicle

For those wishing to sell their used car in the Greater Tampa Area provides a cost effective tool that will give their used car full exposure to those out there that are looking to purchase a used car.

UsedCarsTampa places all their efforts in assuring your listing will be found in all main internet channels and search engines. To place your used car for sale at follow the instructions below.

How to Sell Your Vehicle

If you have never placed a car for sale with us you will first need to set up your profile
  1. Click the “Sell Your Car” link in the menu above
  2. Enter Registration Information
    1. User Name
    2. Password
    3. From the following drop down menu select whether you will be selling the vehicle as a Dealer or Private Seller
    4. If as Dealer enter “Dealer Name” if Private Seller continue to First & Last Name
    5. County Location
    6. Full Street Address
    7. Zip Code
    8. Email Address (please double-check the spelling of your email address)
    9. Contact Phone Number
    10. Company Website (if applicable)
    11. Captcha
    12. Check box for subscribing to Used Cars Tampa Newsletter
    13. Please read the Used Cars Tampa Terms & Conditions and check the box confirming that you adhere to them
  3. Click Submit
  4. If all required fields have been filled in correctly you will see a button that says “Click here to login”. Once you click that button you will come to your account page.
  5. To post vehicle (s) you will need to purchase a Listing Package. Click the link under post a new listing that reads “Click here to purchase one and be able to post vehicles.”
  6. You will see several available Listing Packages available. Choose the one that best fits your needs ( is continually running Dealer/Customer promotions, so periodically review what listing packages are available or like our Facebook Page to be automatically notified)
  7. After you choose a Listing Package and pay using your credit/debit card or PayPal account you will be then be redirected back to your Used Cars Tampa account page where you will now see “Vehicle Type” under “Post a new listing”.

Individual Listing

  1. Choose vehicle type from the drop down menu
  2. You will be then be forwarded to the Vehicle Details page. From the drop down menus, field entries, and click boxes fill in all of the details on the vehicle you are looking to sell.
    1. Make
    2. Model
    3. Year
    4. Price
    5. Mileage
    6. Trim
    7. Fuel Type
    8. Exterior Color
    9. Transmission
    10. Body Style
  3. Vehicle Details (Check the boxes that apply)
  4. Description (anything else that you want the prospective buyer to know write here)
  5. Add Images (Click the “Please Select” to be led to the files on your computer where you want to download images from)
  6. Add Video (Enter the video URL or Video ID to add a video to your listing)
  7. Enter vehicle location
    1. County
    2. Address (city & zip code are suffice)
  8. Enter Captcha Code
  9. Click Submit

Bulk Listings

As a Dealer Used Cars Tampa also gives you option to enter bulk listings using our CSV import tool. Once you have paid and are redirected back to your account page simply contact Used Cars Tampa or (813) 333-1550 and request a custom CSV form that matches the fields from the listing process.

  1. Once you receive this form you will simply fill in all of the fields for each of your vehicles
  2. Return to your account page where you will need to click on the My Listings link.
  3. Click on the “My Listings” box
  4. Click on the “Import or Export” box
  5. Click the “Browse” button and then locate your completed CSV file
  6. After you choose a CSV file and click the “Upload and Preview” button you will be able to view the information before it gets loaded into your account.
  7. Once satisfied click the “Continue and Import these ads” button.
Now just sit back and wait until one of our many prospective buyers contact you.

If at any time you have a question regarding our service feel free to email or call (813) 333-1550



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