Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Thank You for visiting Used Cars Tampa dot com, It is our desire that all our visitors enjoy their car buying/selling experience through the service that is being offered on this website. By using this website it is understood that you will have entered into a legally binding agreement to adhere to the following terms & conditions:

Used Cars Tampa dot com is not responsible for any content that may contain errors or misrepresentations regarding but not limited to pricing, condition, performance, reliability, functionality, accuracy, etc. of any vehicle listed within our database. If you feel that you encounter any such misrepresentation please contact Support@UsedCarsTampa.comand we will do our best to rectify the situation. Furthermore; Used Cars Tampa dot com will not be held liable for any monetary damageor bodily harm due to a relationship formed with another user of Used Cars Tampa dot com.

Used Cars Tampa dot com is an instrument that will allow those who are selling a motor vehicle to connect with those buying a motor vehicle.Used Cars Tampa dot com will not be involved in any communication or negotiations between the prospective seller and prospective buyer.

Selling Your Motor Vehicle

When submitting a vehicle for sale there will be multiple pieces of information that will need to be provided once the seller registers an account (Vehicle Year, Vehicle Make, Vehicle Model, Vehicle Trim, Vehicle Mileage, Vehicle Price, Vehicle Style, Seller Type-Owner/Dealer, Ad Title, Ad Description, Vehicle Images, &Vehicle Video-If Applicable + seller contact information). It is required that all fields with a red asterisks be filled out.

Once all required fields have been completed one of the several available “Selling Packages” must be selected. Used Cars Tampa dot com is continually changing what packages & promotions are being offered. Whether it be a 30 day fee or an ongoing subscription package it is expected that the car seller read though the terms of the package carefully before purchasing. There must be “good cause” as determined by Used Cars Tampa dot com for any type of refund to be processed.

Once a package has been selected and paid for it is understood that if an offer comes in at the asking price that is established in your listing that the car seller should willing to accept said offer.

It is also understood that by listing a vehicle for sale at Used Cars Tampa dot com that you have the legal authority (be 18 years of age and have full ownership of said vehicle) to transfer legal ownership to a purchaser who makes a qualifying offer. Furthermore if choosing to sell a vehicle by owner you are denoting that you are not an owner, employee, or agent of a licensed automotive dealership.

When listing a vehicle for sale you allow Used Cars Tampa dot com to syndicate your information to other internet outlets that will enhance the exposure that your vehicle receives.

Used Cars Tampa dot com will only issue a refund if a notificationis received that states a refund is desired (via email or phone) within 48 hours of new posting or automatic renewal of a selling ad/package

Concerning the areas where you are able to freelance when posting your vehicle ad you agree that you will not post any information that is in anyway threatening, blasphemous, sexist, racist, derogatory, deceitful, or anything that violates either a state or federal regulation/law.

If it is found that any one of these are violated Used Cars Tampa dot com will take immediate action to cancel any existing ads as well as eliminate all future activity and ad creation within Used Cars Tampa dot com.

Setting Car Alerts Subscriptions

When registering for a car alertyou will be required to enter 1 each of the following…

  • Year
  • Make
  • Model
  • Price Range

Once paying your monthly feefor an “Unlimited Alert” package you will receive notifications (via email) of your desired vehicle(s) being added to the database for a 30 day period. Once the 30 day period ends your subscription will be automatically renewed and a second $4.95 charge will be administered. This process will be repeated for each 30 day period until you cancel your subscription.


There may be instances when Used Cars Tampa dot com experiences downtime either do to intentional technological improvements or other circumstances that are beyond the control of Used Cars Tampa dot com. Used Cars Tampa dot com will not be held responsible for damages due to these types of occurrences. Users assume all risks concerning these issues that may arise.



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